Why Your Natural Hair is Stuck at the Same Length..

Why Your Natural Hair is Stuck at the Same Length

Natural’s it’s been some time, yet we’re back with a fresh out of the plastic new blog entry. We can hardly wait to impart to you what we’ve been really going after. Stay tuned on the grounds that 2020 will be an astounding year for your hair.

Probably the greatest fantasy with regards to natural hair is black ladies and hair development. We need you to realize your hair develops. Such a large number of you accept your hair isn’t developing. Be that as it may, the reality of the situation is except if you’re experiencing alopecia or managing some ailment. Your hair is developing. Truth be told it develops on a normal a large portion of an inch a month. Indeed, sister, your hair is developing. In the event that we figure it out (a large portion of an inch a month + a year = 6 crawls of development a year). I know the title of this post contridicts this announcement yet I expected to get you here first, Sis (LOL). Your hair is developing however the issue is you are not holding the length.

In view of hereditary qualities a few people develop the greater part an inch a month and others remain at the a large portion of an inch a month. Be that as it may, the normal human head develops a large portion of an inch of hair a month and shed between 50 – 100 strands every day. So you can quit freezing presently, shedding is ordinary. It’s breakage you should be stressed over.



There are a couple of things that causes breakage.

Stress – Can make your hair follicles go lethargic causing hair that is in development cycle to sever.

Dryness – Dry climate and low humitidy can affect the state of your hair. On the off chance that your hair closes are constanly dry when shampooing center around cleasing your scalp and avoid the closures of your hair. In the wake of shampooing it’s consistently essential to catch up with a “profound conditioner,” with heat. To include the dampness once more into your strands.

Versatile Hair Ties – Be cautious when utilizing hair ties ensure they are not tight. Hair ties can pull on your scalp and hair fingernail skin which can build the measure of hair drop out when bringing down your hair.

Single Strand Knots/pixie ties They are basic among naturals with kinky and coily hair. They feel like dots along the hair strands. Which can bring about breakage while brushing or brushing your hair.

Over-washing your hair – There is something like this for ladies with type 4 hair. Washing your hair regular can dry out your hair. Take a stab at washing your hair each 5-7 days or on an every other week premise. In case you’re one of those natural continually utilizing various items each other day and need to wash your hair continually. Rather than shampooing everytime have a go at cowashing with a conditioner that way all the oils won’t be taken from your hair.

Here are 5 different ways to hold length

Over Manipulation – I’m a colossal adovcate of low control hairstyles. I’m kind of a languid natural with regards to how frequently I style my hair. In the most recent year, I’ve had the option to hold more length by rehearsing low control styles. I style my hair once per week and I disregard it. For instance, in case I’m doing a plait out which are my top picks. I’ll plait my hair and leave the meshes in for the initial 2-3 days at that point bring it down. Rock my mesh out until my next wash day. I save my mesh out with the pineapple technique around evening time to keep the definition from the twist out. I wash my hair like clockwork. At times I’ll shake 2 french plaits for a week or a bun and so forth. Those are exmples of low control styles. Keeping your hands off of your mind and leaving your hair to do whatever it might feeling like doing which is to thrive. Remember its essential to saturated your hair preceding styling it and keeping it saturated. Look at “3 Super Simple low Manipulation Hairstyles.”

Split Ends – It’s critical to get your hair cut varying. I can’t disclose to you when to trim your closures. For me, I get my closures cut once per year and residue my finishes varying consistently. Look at the article “How to trim your our closures.”

An excessive amount of Use of Heat – We realize some you love heat. However, continually blow drying your hair or the utilization of styling apparatuses to style your hair not just dry out your hair. It can likewise cause heat harm to your strands.

Absence of Moisture – If you don’t hydrate your hair, it leaves your hair inclined to breakage. So you need to guarantee your strands are getting loads of consideration. In the event that you’ve been staying aware of our blog you realize we stress the significance of knowing your hair porosity. Hair porosity is the way well your hair can retain dampness. There are 3 sorts of porosity level (Low, Normal and High). Look at the article “How to test your hair porosity.”

Wash in segments – Many naturals can authenticate 75-80 precent of breakage they experience is during wash day. Endeavoring to go over your hair at the same time is self-destructive Sis. It’s essential to detangle your hair moist or wet and in areas. This was another distinct advantage for me in holding length. I began detangling my hair in 4 segments. First I finger detangle then I utilize a wide tooth brush. Look at the article, ” How to limit tangles and breakage.”

We trust you found these tips helpful. In the event that you are not on our mailing list ensure you buy in. We got something great wanting you, naturals. Your hair will thank you later!

Why Your Natural Hair is Stuck at the Same Length..

Why Your Natural Hair is Stuck at the Same Length..


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