Looking for a good high porosity hair test guide? Here is all you need to know about hair porosity!

The High Porosity Hair Test Guide

The High Porosity Hair Test Guide
The High Porosity Hair Test Guide

Porosity alludes to how well your hair can ingest and hold dampness. It is influenced by the adaptable external hair layer called the fingernail skin, which decides how effectively dampness and oils go all through your hair.

For most, porosity is hereditary, however it can likewise be influenced by outer factors, for example, presentation, heat medicines and compound preparing.

Realizing your hair’s porosity can assist you with picking the correct items to keep your hair very much saturated, graceful, solid and glossy.


Deciding Hair Porosity

There are two strategies you can use to discover how permeable your hair is.

The Float Test: Take two or three strands of hair from your brush or brush and drop them into a bowl of water. Let them sit for 2-4 minutes. In the event that your hair skims, you have low porosity. In the event that it sinks, you have high porosity.

The Slip’n’Slide Test: Take a strand of hair and slide your fingers up the pole (close to the scalp). In the event that you feel little knocks en route, this implies your fingernail skin is lifted and that you have high porosity. On the off chance that your fingers slip easily, at that point you have low porosity hair.

Low Porosity

Hair with low porosity has a firmly bound fingernail skin layer with covering scales that lay level. This sort of hair is normally viewed as solid, and is regularly sparkling, particularly when it’s dull in shading. Low porosity hair repulses dampness when you attempt to wet it and is difficult to process since it opposes entrance of synthetic substances.

Low porosity hair is additionally inclined to develop from protein-rich profound molding items, which can leave it feeling hardened and straw-like. Stick to without protein, every day conditioners with humectants, for example, glycerin or nectar. Utilize moderate warmth with without protein profound molding medicines to help open up the firmly bound fingernail skin.

Low porosity hair requires lotions wealthy in emollients, for example, shea margarine, jojoba oil, coconut oil and mineral oil. It likewise profits by humectant items, which draw in and hold dampness to your hair. Pick lighter, fluid based items, for example, hair drains that won’t sit on your hair and leave it slick or oily.

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Medium Porosity

Hair with medium porosity frequently requires minimal measure of support. The fingernail skin layer is looser, permitting the perfect measure of dampness to enter while keeping a lot from getting away. Hair with ordinary porosity will in general hold styles well, and can be permed and shaded with unsurprising outcomes. After some time, be that as it may, these procedures can harm your hair and increment its porosity.

Intermittent profound molding medicines with protein conditioners can profit medium porosity hair, yet proteins ought not be remembered for your day by day routine.

High Porosity

High porosity can be either an innate property of hair or the aftereffect of harm from substance preparing, unpleasant treatment or natural harm. High porosity hair has holes and openings in the fingernail skin, which let an excessive amount of dampness into your hair and leave it inclined to frizz and tangling in sticky climate. Indeed, even basic acts, for example, washing, swimming and shampooing can make more harm and breakage because of the sheer measure of dampness profoundly permeable hair can retain.

Make certain to utilize enemies of humectants in atmospheres with high warmth and mugginess. This will help seal your harmed fingernail skin and keep them from retaining abundance dampness noticeable all around.

Since exceptionally permeable hair can likewise lose dampness effectively, it’s critical to utilize leave-in conditioners, lotions and sealers. Layering these items will enable your hair to clutch the dampness you’re giving it. You can even catch up with a substantial hair margarine to help fill the holes in your harmed fingernail skin and further shield your hair from losing an excess of dampness.

How might you determine what level of porosity your hair has?

That is an incredible inquiry since you have to realize what level of porosity your hair has. Fortunately you can do this with an entirely straightforward test.

Get a spotless glass of water

Put a strand of your hair into it

Stand by to perceive what befalls the strand of hair.

In the event that the stand sinks rapidly to the base it implies that you have high porosity hair

In the event that the strand remains at the head of the water for quite a while before sinking you have low porosity hair

In the event that the strand coasts some place in the center for a brief period before sinking, you have medium porosity.

Ensure that when you do this test you do it on clean hair. In the event that your hair has such a large number of items it could influence the aftereffects of the test.

What are the indications of high porosity hair?

Probably the most widely recognized attributes of having high porosity hair are:

Basic reasons for high porosity hair

At the point when you have high porosity hair it is normally in light of the fact that something has turned out badly some place along the line. Hair that is sound the fingernail skin should lay level however in high porosity hair, this isn’t the situation.

On the off chance that the fingernail skin of your hair are harmed and in this way are not laying level then it is typically something that we have done that has caused it.

Having said this having high porosity hair doesn’t generally imply that your hair is harmed If you are transitioning from loose to natural that could imply that you have a blend of porosity levels occurring with your hair.

The primary driver of high porosity hair are:

Instructions to develop high porosity hair

In the event that you have found that you have high porosity hair everything isn’t lost. It doesn’t imply that you need to do the large hack and start once more.

Here are 6 things you can never really develop high porosity hair.

1. Protein medicines

On the off chance that your hair has high porosity, at that point it is altogether conceivable that you have holes in your hair strand as well. These holes can make your hair snap and break without any problem.

Giving your hair a protein treatment occasionally can assist with fortifying it.

At the point when you add protein to your hair it basically fills in those holes in your hair to help fortify the strands and prevent it from breaking so without any problem.

You should consolidate this into your hair routine in the event that you have high porosity hair.

I would suggest you attempt this protein treatment.

2. Profound molding

Profound molding high porosity hair is critical on the grounds that it assists with including back the dampness that would be in any case lost.

At the point when you profound condition your hair it dampness your hair substantially more profoundly than simply the external layer of the hair strand.

You will find that this will assist with resurrecting your hair. Make a point to adhere to the producers guidelines to get the full advantages from it.

One of my preferred profound conditioners is this one.

3. Apple juice vinegar

On the off chance that you haven’t attempted apple juice vinegar in your hair before you should check out it. The beneficial thing about ACV is that it assists with adjusting your hair’s pH adjust and level your fingernail skin.

This is the best kind of apple juice vinegar to use in your hair.

4. Aloe vera

Applying aloe vera to your hair can assist with fixing in dampness. You can do this by adding a little to your splash bottle blended in with water and gently spritz your hair with it. You can get some aloe vera juice from here.

5. Utilize overwhelming items that contain oils

Utilizing substantial items can likewise assist with fixing in dampness into your hair. Creams, for example, shea margarine and mango spread are thick and can assist with keeping your stands ensured and dampness secured.

Substantial oils, for example, castor oil and olive oil can likewise have a similar impact by keeping your strands covered and dampness secured.

The High Porosity Hair Test Guide
The High Porosity Hair Test Guide

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