Rhassoul earth powder hair cover was, is as yet one hair treatment they don’t play with. I will talk about a portion of these antiquated hair care cures that can advance solid hair development. Ancient Hair Growth Remedies You Should Know

Here Are Some Ancient Hair Growth Remedies You Should Know

Here Are Some Ancient Hair Growth Remedies You Should Know
Here Are Some Ancient Hair Growth Remedies You Should Know


Henna is a color or shaded glue arranged from the Henna tree which is otherwise called hina, Egyptian privet and mignonette tree. This plant for the most part fills in the tropical regions of Africa, Northern Australia and Southern Asia. Exploration shows that the henna plant initially started from the pastries of India, when individuals found the magnificence of covering their hands and feet with the color. Be that as it may, with time more individuals around the globe found more employments of the henna color which included, hair colors, texture colors and skin/fingernail colors. Sovereign Cleopatra of old Egypt utilized henna as a mystery solution for color and care for her hair.



Chebe powder is a characteristic plant based powder which is devised by the Chadian ethnic culture. The powder is set up from a plant known as the lavender croton which regularly fills in the African area. Ladies from the basara ethnic gathering explicitly utilize the chebe powder blend in saturating and molding their hair, which is the reason they are related to long and coarse hair. This powder is a combination of chebe seeds, mahllaba soubiane seeds, missic stone, cloves and samour sap which are typically cooked, pounded and sieved into a fine powder.


This antiquated hair development cure is normally set up by pounding these fixings together and afterward blended in with any hair oil (argan oil, coconut oil, shea spread, olive oil, castor oil and so forth) into a hair veil/glue.

3. Matured RICE WATER

Matured rice water is the water gotten from drenching rice for a period. The water inferred is said to contain supplements and nutrients that helps in getting the hair all together keep up its appearance and length. This antiquated hair care mystery has gives a hair development solution for some ladies. Ladies in South East Asia, China and Japan have utilized rice water in the treatment of their hair throughout the long term and examination has demonstrated that this hair care routine has encouraged them in holding their hair lengths, development and appearance.

The Yao ladies who live in a town called Huanglou in China, have been utilizing rice water for a long time and it causes them develop exceptionally long, solid and sparkly hair. These ladies are known to have hair lengths, up to 6 feet and furthermore kept up hair shading which keeps them looking energetic. Compassionately look at this article on rice water for hair to find out additional. If it’s not too much trouble remember to protect your left over rice water in a cooler


African dark cleanser is generally made in Ghana and other West African nations. It’s generally called “alata samina, anago cleanser and ose dudu” by various clans in Ghana and Nigeria. This cleanser is known to be a characteristic skin health management item and furthermore has incredible advantages when utilized as a cleanser. It has been in presence for hundreds of years and has demonstrated its value over to cosmetology because of the adequacy, it is known as an exfoliator and chemical. It stays one of Africa’s old hair development and hair care mystery and cure. Related post: African dark cleanser for skin

How it is made

This antiquated hair development cure is made by joining cinders from consumed plantain leaves, cocoa units, palm leaves and shea tree husk. The debris is then blended in with water, natural shea spread oil, coconut oil and palm bit oil which initiates the mixes of the combination when bubbled and left to sit and fix.

It is additionally incredible for forestalling dandruff


Rhassoul mud is an earthy colored/ruddy gritty powder or dirt found in the valleys of mountains in Morocco. The word ‘rhassoul’ is an Arabic word that intends to wash. This mud compound has been utilized by various societies as a restorative fixing throughout the long term. The rhassoul dirt powder is additionally called Moroccan red earth because of the high magnesium substance. It additionally contains silica, a sand segment that has shedding and molding properties.



Here Are Some Ancient Hair Growth Remedies You Should Know
Here Are Some Ancient Hair Growth Remedies You Should Know

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