When it comes to natural hair oils and their benefits for your hair you need to know the most! Why? If you know why you are using a certain oil then you will use it with strategy!

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The Best Natural Hair Oils And Their Benefits For Your Hair

The Best Natural Hair Oils And Their Benefits For Your Hair!
The Best Natural Hair Oils And Their Benefits For Your Hair!

If you’ve been struggling to find different types for hair products, try using some of these natural oils.

They’re affordable, relatively easy to find, and lack all of the chemicals found in store-bought hair products.

Here are some of the best natural oils to use in your naturalhair, as well as their benefits:


Coconut oil Benefits are:

Make sure it’s unrefined or virgin when it’s time to buy your coconut oil!

The process of refining the oil can strip it of some of its nutrients and properties, you want to benefit the most so use the natural one!


Jojoba oil benefits are:

Jojoba oil’s chemical structure mimics that of sebum, the natural oil found on our scalps.

Because of this reason, it’s readily accepted by the scalp and can help to promote natural hair growth as well as remove unwanted residue from your natural hair.

Go ahead and try using jojoba oil by mixing it in with your shampoo or conditioner.

The Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil can be consumed for health benefits.

Not only that, but it also contains fatty acids that help promote healthy natural hair. Some natural also uses flaxseed gel in their hair care routines (My sister loves it!).


Castor oil Benefits are:

Castor oil has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, and the antioxidants in castor oil support your hair’s keratin, which can reduce frizz and make your natural hair stronger!

Make the right choice,unrefined and hexane-free castor oil works the best.

Let’s get into one of it’s type: Jamaican Black Castor Oil!

While plain castor oil has long been used as a laxative, it’s become more common in natural hair care.

This oil is incredibly thick, so use sparingly; else, your natural hair will be weighed down and sticky.

JBCO gets its dark color and nutty scent from the ash content derived from roasted castor beans.

It’s believed that the ash helps with hair growth.

Many naturals who swear by JBCO saying it helped regrow thinning edges and made their natural hair grow faster overall.


Rosemary essential oil can:

You can try massaging the oil onto your scalp after you shower or mixing it into products you already use. Will help you grow your hair while caring for it!


Cedarwood essential oil can:

This oil promotes blood circulation in the scalp and has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Go head and try massaging the oil into your scalp after you shower, or mix it into products you already use.

The Sweet Almond Oil

If you are looking for a lightweight oil that won’t weigh down your fine or medium size strands will probably like sweet almond oil.

It works well as a light sealant, whether you use it only for dry ends or as an oil rinse.

The protein and vitamin content of sweet almond oil is very high, and this makes this oil great at increasing the shine and luster of hair that is dull and dry.

Vitamins A, B, and E all add shine to dull hair, and these vitamins are present in high concentrations, in sweet almond oil.

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Grapeseed Oil

This oil just like the above one is a lightweight oil perfect for natural who don’t want heavy hair.

It doesn’t have a strong scent, so that’s another great plus if you don’t want to mask the smell with essential oils.

If you are experiencing dandruff you may find relief from regular grapeseed oil scalp massages.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is rich, thick, and nourishing! This oil is used in everything from conditioners, styling products, ​and DIY hair masks, this one is full of emollient properties that make your natural hair feel softer, smoother, and healthier.

Argan Oil

One of the pricier oils to grace this list, argan has grown in popularity in recent years.

Look for 100 percent argan or 100 percent Moroccan argan oil if you want the full benefits of this frizz-fighter and extreme shine-booster.

Because of the cost, you may want to add small amounts to your shampoo or conditioner to boost their softening properties instead of using the oil by itself.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil comes from the kernels of apricot. Apricot oil is a great source for vitamin A and E.
This oil can be used to help seal ends and to help prevent split ends. It’s also great to treat dandruff and other issues pertaining to a dry scalp.

Shea Butter (Oil)

Not technically an oil, shea butter can be melted down into oil if desired, but its thick, buttery properties are the reason a lot of people love it.

It’s a wonderful sealant and mixes well with other oils on this list, making it easier to apply.

Shea butter also provides some sun protection if you’re outdoors a lot, and with all of the fatty acids it contains, it softens dry tresses extremely well.

When shopping for shea butter, look for a pale yellow color (which is closely related to how unrefined it is).

Dark yellow butter is probably highly refined and not as nutrient-rich.

Amla Oil

Amla oil has been use to promote hair health and hair loss. Daily scalp massages with Amla oil will not only help with dry scalp, but aid in hair growth.

Macadamia Nut Oil

allows for absorption and rapid penetration into your hair and skin.

Macadamia includes a rich concentration of essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants and vitamins, which penetrate, smooth and coat your natural hair shaft, improving elasticity and strength, leaving your natural hair nourished and revitalized.

The Best Natural Hair Oils And Their Benefits For Your Hair!
The Best Natural Hair Oils And Their Benefits For Your Hair!

There you have it, The Best Natural Hair Oils And Their Benefits For Your Hair!

What’s your favorite natural hair oil?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

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